What We Believe

Our desire is that everyone come to understand that Jesus Christ is not only the son of God but the only answer to our greatest collective need.  We believe that the Bible is God's perfect message to all mankind.  In it is a beautiful story that tells of a God who created and sustains all that we know, including ourselves.  We believe that story takes a sharp turn as mankind in general and we personally choose to abandon God's perfect will for our lives and we choose to do as WE please.  We call this rebellion against God's will, sin.  Sin separates us from a God that is perfect.  Whether we know it or even acknowledge it, this is the state of our lives, and it has a cost.  The Bible says in Romans 6:23, "the wages of sin is death."  The punishment for our rebellion against God's will is that we must die and never experience beyond that His love, grace, joy, peace or goodness.  Yet, even in our rebellion the same God who created us still loves us and desires that we know life and know it to its fullness.  We don't have the ability to overstate God's love for us as demonstrated in His sacrifice.  We could not do anything in ourselves to solve our sin problem, but God chose to make a way for our sin to be forgiven and our punishment to be set aside.  That same verse from above (Romans 6:23) goes on to say, "but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."  God sent his son, who was perfect, to die and be a substitute for us, so that we could have forgiveness and eternal life.  We believe that Jesus was supernaturally born both as God and man, perfect and without sin. We believe he lived a life perfectly devoted to His Father's will and chose according to that will to die.  His death became a substitute for us.  We believe that Jesus then came back to life and now is with God the Father in Heaven.  We believe that this gift is offered to everyone freely.  It requires that we pray to God and ask our sins be forgiven and it requires that we turn away from our sin and make Jesus the Lord of our life.  Simply put, it means that we begin to seek God's will and not our own.  We believe that when God forgives our sin He also gives us His Holy Spirit to guide us and help us on our faith journey.  We believe that we are to follow our new faith with a symbolic act to show what God has done for us, we call this Baptism.  We believe that disciples of Christ should seek to understand God and His will by reading and studying the Bible and by seeking Him regularly in prayer.  We believe that worship, fellowship, service and sharing with others are essential elements to our new life in Christ.  We believe that God has given us the Church as the means to live out our life in Him together.  I'm sure someone could write endlessly about what I should have included or left out of this brief & basic description of what a relationship with God looks like.  I only desire that you understand that we all have a need in our life and we all have a brokenness about us that seeks to be healed.  I want you to understand that there is a creator God who doesn't just sit back and watch His world unfold, but loves us deeply and personally.  He loves us so much that He sacrificed Himself to meet our greatest need, to restore our relationship with him, and to bring our lives hope, meaning and joy.  I want you to understand that our loving God has a plan and a destiny for those wise enough to seek and serve Him.  I want you to understand that Jesus Christ is our hope.  If you read this and our curious, confused, angry, excited, or wanting to know more, then please contact us or come by the BCM and we would love to talk with you in person.


Damon Billings, BCM Director