Welcome to the BCM

The Baptist Collegiate Ministry is a student club and a ministry to students (mostly by students as well).   There is a campus minister who directs the ministry. The director's name is Damon and if he is at the building when you drop by, he will certainly want to say hi and welcome you.  He also directs the BCM at Lincoln Memorial University, so he is sometimes at LMU.  Someone however is almost always at the BCM building and they will work hard to make you feel welcome on your first visit.
Joplin Girls

Your First Visit

Some of you will walk right in like you've always been at the BCM.  For others, we know, it can be hard to visit a new place.  Come by the building to make some new friends or better yet come with a friend if it would be easier.  Either way, we want the opportunity to meet you in person.  The BCM is not a private club, we want new students to be dropping by all the time. No invitation is needed. When you come in (normally) someone will greet you. They will introduce themselves and probably show you around the building. Usually there are students around the building, and if they are during your visit, you will likely be introduced around by your host. You should also be informed by your host about weekly activities and hopefully you'll be invited back to a fellowship activity, such as "Noonday Lunch." We may ask if you are willing to fill out a short info sheet, so that we can keep in touch with you and we may even ask if you would like to be added to the wall of pictures in the foyer. Feel free to decline either or both if you like. Hopefully after all that, one of two things will happen. You will sit down or play a game and start to get to know some people or you will hear about a weekly activity that you would like to come back to, such as a Bible study, worship, or lunch. One or two visits and most people start thinking of the BCM as their home away from home at school. The first, most important step however is just driving or walking up to the building, taking the couple of steps up to the front door, and walking in.

Notes for New BCMers