Frequently Asked Questions

We will try to anticipate any questions you might have about the BCM at Walters State below. If there is something you're curious about that isn't answered below feel free to contact the BCM Director, Damon Billings, by email, facebook, or phone and he will be happy to try and help.

Question: Do I have to join the BCM?
Answer: Membership is based exclusively on participation. If you come to the building or an activity, you can be a member. Could we make it any more simple than that? If you want to come to activities, but not officially join, that is fine also. But we generally consider everyone who just gets involved, members.

Question: Does it cost anything?
Answer: We have no dues or membership fees. Most activities are free to students. Occasionally we have programs where we require participating students to help cover the cost. These might include mission trips, conferences, retreats or parties. These are always just optional opportunities. Any cost related to an activity will always be stated up front. We do sponsor a weekly lunch that is supplied by women's groups from local churches. We ask for a $2.50 donation per person, but once again this activity is completely voluntary.

Question: Do I have to be Baptist?
Answer: Definitely not. We warmly welcome all students at the BCM. Certainly many of our students come from Baptist churches, however, during any semester a person can find students from every denomination under the sun as well as students who have no church tradition at all at the BCM. It is true that we are supported by Baptist Churches. It is also true that the BCM director is, of course, Baptist. And finally the teaching during Bible Studies, Worship and so on will reflect traditional Baptist values and beliefs. Having said this, the BCM prides itself on being a place of open and honest communication where people are respected and heard.

Question: What do students at the BCM do?
Answer: That depends on the student. We try and create an environment where everyone is welcome. Some students come looking for a place to play ping pong with a friend. If that is you, you will find it at the BCM. Some students come looking for a place to make friends at college. If that is you, you will certainly find it at the BCM. If you are looking for a place to worship, do missions or attend a Bible study, you will certainly find that as well. Some students just come and play games, some just come and eat on Wednesday, some just come to worship, some hang out and play phase 10 between classes, some come to find someone to run to McDonalds with them, some come to play video games, some students come and do everything listed above. It really depends on the student. Every semester students and our student leaders either by plan or accident determine the character and activities of the BCM. Some things are planned like weekly Bible studies and some things just happen like a game of Rook. Everything however is about creating a Christ-centered community, developing mature student disciples and serving God by serving others.

Question: How do I become a student leader?
Answer: Student Leadership Team members are usually students involved in the BCM the previous semester or year who have displayed some leadership potential, who have an enthusiasm for BCM ministry and have skills to offer the ministry. There is an application form and several established requirements involving being a Christian, regular Church participation, etc. The leadership team is chosen by the director and a nominating committee usually made up of departing leadership team members. There are a limited number of positions available on the Team each year. However there are numerous opportunities for leadership at the BCM beyond just the Leadership Team. We encourage all our students to find a place to contribute. A wide variety of work needs to be done from greeting new students, campus outreach, planning and decorating for fellowships, teaching Bible studies, taking pictures, running sound equipment, coaching flag football team, prayer team, the possibilities are endless for finding your place at the BCM to contribute.