Welcome to the Baptist Collegiate Ministry

BCM GirlsThe BCM is a student center, a campus organization and a ministry to students all in one. We like to think that we help put the community into community college by giving students opportunities to build great friendships as they are challenged to grow in a relationship with God.  Every student is welcome at the BCM.  If you need a place to take a break between classes with a game, a nap or a snack, it is just the place for you.  Or, if you want to find a place to serve on mission trips, worship with other students, and grow as a disciple of Christ it is still the perfect place for you!

Never been to the BCM?

First thing to do is click on the page above entitled "New Students."

If you think you might want to give BCM a try, join the Facebook Group to get up to date info of all events and activities.

Next take a quick look at the building in the "Tour the Building" page.

Finally come by for a visit.  We will warmly welcome you and let you know what all is going on so you can decide what all you want to be involved in.  To get directions and a map check out the "contact" page.